Of All the Great Reasons to Work at PMC, Our People are at the Top of the List

For people with a “pioneering” spirit, Pioneer Music Company is a great place to land. Our team shows up every day pumped about the future and in awe by all the opportunities in the technology industry. Even though PMC has been around since 1869, we’re a rapidly growing business devoted to pursuing a vision for the future. This dynamic allows for ample leadership opportunities and the chance to learn multiple aspects of a business.

Our niche is being the premier destination for custom integrators who need convenient access to technology products, knowledge and related business services. Helping custom integrators improve their businesses is the reason we’re here.

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Speak Up. We Can Hear You.

Some jobs are just exchanging your time for a paycheck. That’s not how PMC operates. PMC is an innovative, fast-paced, family-owned and employee-oriented company. We like new ideas and fresh opinions because that’s our culture—everyone has a voice and a role in our company vision. Our team has the chance to express issues, goals and vision at bi-weekly team meetings.

Be ready to speak up because we want to hear your thoughts. That's our mission-driven, value-centric culture…


Business is Personal
Integrity matters. We're honest, transparent and committed to doing what's best. Be empathetic, connect with customers and partners. Relationships deliver results, strive to make a difference working together and cut the bull S#!%.


World-Class Service
We are only successful if our customers are. People can buy AV products anywhere, but can only truly be served at PMC. Every decision, no matter how big or small, keeps the customer top of mind.


Empowered People
Be proud. Find a way to get the job done, and act to make the company better. Personalities are welcomed, productivity is required. Value the work we do, face the insurmountable and work for the impossible.


Evolve and Adapt
Keep an open mind and be a problem solver at every turn. We must constantly learn, teach and evolve to what is next. We stay committed to innovation and growth. Solutions start with education.


One Team
We believe in incredible people over cumbersome rules. We show up for each other every day. Our team is our strength, collectively surpassing expectations in building the company.

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+ Proven Salespeople: We Make Room on Our Team

We're ALWAYS on the hunt for the best salespeople on the planet. Do you love selling? Do you want to work for a company that loves selling for the sake of improving our customers’ businesses?

PMC carries AV brands and products that are no-brainers, plus we have a marketing strategy that supports your sales efforts. If you think you can sell our AV products to your contacts, we need to talk.

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