Hollywood at Home: Pioneer Offers M&K Sound to the Midwest

Maybe it’s the sound of your favorite superhero slowly walking away from an explosion. Maybe it’s the thrill of a mysteriously slammed door in a scary movie, the swell of an emotional orchestral store that moves you to tears—or the rhythmic sensation of your favorite low-bass bop turned up to 11. Whatever your sonic pleasure, it’s probably thanks to M&K Sound. And the best part? The company that helped shape cinematic and musical history with its award-winning loudspeaker design is now available to Midwest dealers exclusively through Pioneer.

That’s right. We spent a LOT of hard work—spending countless hours toiling over delicious Kansas City BBQ and rollicking happy hours—to bring you the best collaboration in audio since M met K.

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: the M&K Sound Subwoofer was Born

It all started in 1973 when the world’s first balanced dual-drive subwoofer was created to capture big sound without the big size. No longer were we building speakers the size of small houses—it was during the production of Pretzel Logic’s LP mixing sessions where Walter Becker of Steely Dan commissioned M&K Sound to design a subwoofer and monitoring system that would go on to change the audio game forever. Drawing on the expertise in music recording from RealTimeRecords and scientists at Bell Telephone Research Laboratories, M&K was able to design a speaker system with deep bass supported by huge sound pressure levels and extraordinary low-frequency extensions. It’s no surprise that Pretzel Logic went on to become one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time—or that M&K Sound continues to offer the highest performing speakers throughout movie sets, music studios and home theaters across America.

How Good Are M&K Speakers?

M&K’s core technologies are unique in offering proven high performance with laboratory standard acoustics. A lot of speaker brands can sound good, but do not offer the proven combination of linear flat response, huge dynamics, tonal neutrality, low acoustic distortion and power handling that M&K does.

Remember when we referenced Star Wars? We weren’t just playing your heartstrings. M&K Sound’s THX-certified speaker systems were the stars behind your favorite Star Wars films’ sound design and picture editing suites. Beloved for its accuracy and imaging qualities, movie makers can hear all the nuances of dialogue, main score, and sound effects to create the stunning visual and audio masterpieces you know and love. Beyond that, M&K delivers right to the home with a variety of award-winning subwoofers, offering an excellent competitive edge on architectural speakers and cabinet enclosures for performance audio enthusiasts. Whether it is wall mounting, in-ceiling or freestanding, M&K Sound has a solution to meet any home cinema need.

To Hollywood and Beyond: Home Theater and Audio Favorites

The movie buff will love the M&K Sound S150 speaker, with its ability to convey every aspect of recorded sound there is to note—bringing the movie set right to the living room. Meanwhile, the M&K Sound V8 Subwoofer and M&K Sound V12 carry THX Select 2 certification, resulting in ultra-low distortion and high dynamic performance in a compact format for the audiophile to enjoy for years to come.