Orron’t You Glad PMC Now Carries Orro Smart Lighting and Smart Home Products?

If you’re thinking, “Great, another home automation solution to add to the choices already out there and confusing my customers,” we’re going to stop you right there.

Orro is a great addition to our product line for a few reasons. First and foremost, Orro is a true human-centric lighting system that unifies the many smart home devices you’re already installing. So, it works to bring everything together versus adding or replacing products that don’t work together. Secondly, Orro hails from the tech capital, San Francisco, and have quickly built their reputation as the creators of the professional-grade top-of-the-line Orro Smart Living System.

Take it from Alec Haight, our vice president, himself, “Orro’s smart living system not only provides human-centric lighting control, it unifies the smart home devices custom integrators already work with on a day to day basis. We are excited to be a professional distributor for Orro and look forward to providing integrators with a true, wellness-focused smart home system at mainstream price points that can fit within almost any budget.”

Smart Lighting: 6 Things to Know About Orro’s Human-Centric Intelligent Lighting
The Orro Home Lighting System can serve as the foundation of any smart home. Your customers will never have to think about their lights again.

  1. It’s the most comprehensive intelligent lighting and smart home platform.
  2. It is the epitome of comfort and convenience, responding and adapting to the needs of everyone who lives there.
  3. It’s energy efficiency, conserving light use by using them only when people are present.
  4. It uses standard wiring, fits in standard J-Box and requires no changes to your electrical plan.
  5. Its universal dimmer works with any lighting fixture and most common bulb types.
  6. It’s easy to set up using the Orro system app conveniently from a mobile phone.

Orro’s lighting system is considered human-centric because of the health & wellness aspect attached to it. Lighting affects sleep and artificial light confuses the body’s clock. Orro restores the natural patterns of light and dark by automatically adjusting your lighting across the day. It brightens the light in a home to naturally increase energy in the morning. If needed, Orro brightens up a space during the day to keep circadian rhythms working the way they should. If there’s enough natural light in the space, Orro detects it and will give preference to that light because it’s better for humans than artificial lighting. As the sun goes down, Orro begins to dim lights to help a body’s natural responses prepare for sleep. Ultimately, Orro will learn your customers’ specific preferences.

Smart Home: Which Devices are We Talking?
By unifying smart living experiences around a home’s lighting control system, Orro provides custom integrators with a single smart home solution, accessible via touch or voice – without having to install and configure additional hardware. It’s a smart home without the smartphone, since everyday devices can all be controlled from the wall, including:

  • Wireless speakers
  • Climate control
  • Intercom
  • Smart locks
  • Doorbells
  • Smart bulbs
  • Scenes controller

Orro’s smart switches integrate the popular smart home products from companies including Sonos, Nest, Ring and Ecobee. Using Orro’s smart living system is a pretty smart way to unify a smart home, which makes your customers happy as clams thanks to a helpful list of features:

  • Install in place of any standard light switch
  • Control via Orro’s integrated touchscreen, voice or the Orro app
  • Vibrant color display with intuitive smartphone-like swipe and touch interaction
  • Integrated motion, sound and light sensors enable advanced automation and security
  • Works with existing light bulbs to make any light a smart light
  • Energy-saving Eco Mode
  • Modular and expandable
  • Upgradable to meet evolving standards and provide new functionality

About Orro
Orro is smart and looks smart too. Fast Company recognized Orro as a finalist for Best Product Design of 2019. Their systems are built to meet the requirements of custom installers whose customers are demanding a way to upgrade their homes with a simple-to-use, unified smart system.

With Orro, users get automated smart lighting, smart home controls, wellness-focused lighting schedules, home monitoring and energy-saving features that seamlessly integrate with core smart and automation systems, creating a home that works for them. For more information, visit Orro on the web at: www.GetOrro.com