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PMC Welcomes Focal, a French Leader in High-Fidelity Solutions, to Our Audio Product Lineup

The Pioneer Music Company bids a hearty bienvenue to Focal, a French brand and world leader in high-fidelity solutions, to our audio product lineup. Ooh, la la, we’re thrilled to share their products, perfected by four decades of innovation, with our custom integrators.

If you’re not familiar with Focal, let us bring you up to speed because your serious, high-end, luxury customers either already know the brand or they need to.

On the global stage, Focal is a renowned leader in high-fidelity products. The French company is based in Saint-Étienne, where they manufacture:

  • Speaker drivers
  • Home audio
  • Custom integration and multi-media loudspeakers
  • Car audio systems
  • Monitoring loudspeakers
  • Audiophile headphones

Some of Focal’s loudspeakers and technologies have become world-renowned bar-setters for others in the Hi-Fi industry. Though Focal merged with Naim Audio Limited, a high-end electronics leader in the U.K. Vervent Audio Group, the company still designs and develops its products in France where its heritage of innovation in exclusive and patented acoustic technologies began. Products “Made in France” reflect French workmanship’s quality and lift the Focal brand above competitors, proven by the fact that more than 80% of its products are exported mainly to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Focal Has Always and Continues to Invest in Acoustic Research

Focal thumbs its nose at the commoditization of audio products, believing audio is an art. The company puts its money into perfecting that art form, investing in speaker driver technology year after year. This way, Focal products’ unique features don’t become common in the marketplace or with its loyal fans. And, no other audio product can be mistaken for or compared to Focal’s.

Artists appreciate Focal’s commitment to faithfully reproducing music as he or she intended it to sound. This is a “driving” factor behind the company’s research in speaker drivers, materials and processes to continue improving sound rendering. In fact, Focal is one of the rare loudspeaker brands to manufacture its own speaker drivers, which reflects the unique expertise in this area. Every single Focal Hi-Fi speaker driver that leaves the production line is tested both by computer and by ear. It’s the only way Focal can guarantee the rendering’s reliability and quality.

Like any company driven and passionate about its products and industry, Focal integrates all the collective expertise acquired over its decades in audio into every new product. It also results in the company registering many patents every year. The company calls this “density of technology” and it’s what gives the great finesse to the Focal Sound.

Take, for example, Focal’s greatest emblem of sound, the Grande Utopia loudspeaker released in 1995. Still the recognized gold industry standard, it embodies the best in research, innovation, exceptional technology and extravagance. More examples of Focal’s unique technologies, to name a few, are:

  • The double voice coil speaker driver (1980)
  • The inverted dome tweeter (1981)
  • K2 power with Kevlar cone (1986)
  • The “W” Cone (1995)
  • The Beryllium tweeter (2002)
  • The Flax sandwich cone (2013)
  • Sopra (2015)

More About The Focal Sound

The Focal Sound has developed over the years thanks to the research and technologies that have enhanced the company’s expertise in speaker drivers. To hang your company name on your sound is a strong move. Frankly, it wouldn’t hold up under scrutiny if Focal didn’t deliver a richness of sound revealed through the bass, the mid-range and the treble with finesse and fluidity, and without added frills or distortion. Now, that’s respect for music and for the artists’ and musicians’ original work. When your customers share that same respect, they’re going to insist on The Focal Sound in their:

  • In-home speakers
  • Hi-Fi headphones
  • Sound bar
  • Indoor systems
  • Outdoor systems

No Need to Go to France, Unless You Want to

As fascinating as it would be to travel to Focal’s facility in Saint-Étienne, the capital of the Loire department, no need to grab your passport. Instead just navigate to the PMC website to order Focal products for your next project. Our team doesn’t speak fluent French, but we can answer any questions you have about adding Focal to your brand portfolio.

Did We Save the Best for Last?

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