Dream Home

PMC’s Dream Home (like HGTV’s Dream Home, but for Audio Visual Providers)

Imagine, crafting a dream home—Moroccan tile, a screen room for movie nights and a chandelier so perfect, your friends are convinced it was hand-crafted by blind nuns. All that’s left is a custom designed integration system to keep all the gadgets in sync. Great audio visual providers, like you, will curate the perfect system for the client’s vision, such as:

A robust cable to keep up with 4K videos and beyond.

The latest LGTV providing the best in high-quality picture design.

The World’s First THX certified WISA Home Theater Surround System.

A sleek RingX or a Hikvision camera to keep your system secure.

Automated shades for a binge-worthy experience day or night.

The best AV provider and partner to facilitate integration.

Let There Be Light

So, you’ve added all the custom lighting options to give it that Hollywood glow, but now you need a reliable control system for updating and control. The Lutron system enables maximum control with the push of a button by keypad or smartphone. Whether it’s changing the lighting for an elegant patio look, a cinematic experience or a relaxing spa, with Lutron’s integration you can update a specific single scene and deploy it to all linked touch panels or keypads for seamless control.

But that’s not all, the Lutron system can also use weather forecasting to anticipate weather swings and adjust accordingly, ensuring your home can be energy efficient and ready for you at the touch of a button.

Live Like a Bond Villain

Buried subwoofers and invisible speakers, TVs that pop up, sound systems that travel, a dream home needs the technology to keep the guests impressed while your customers smugly sip cocktails from their thrones like a villain in a Bond movie. Create separate zones for your audio so Bossa Nova can play in the kitchen and others can rock out to Metallica in the basement.

Keep It Secure

The last step is home security whether it’s with a RingX to watch over the door, a high-tech Hikvision camera system to make sure no room is left unchecked or a combination of systems, the right audio visual provider will help you find the best system for your customers’ vision and lifestyle.

To learn more about the latest in audio integration systems or why Pioneer Music Company should be your AV provider go to pmcav.com.