DMF’s All-New DID Series Downlighting System. What a Bright Idea!

The DID Series is engineered to adapt to your customers’ every lighting need now and in the future, and it’s only available exclusively to custom integrators.

Just how bright of an idea is DMF’s DID Series? Well, its preview as the first downlight designed exclusively for home integration at the 2020 CEDIA Expo Virtual show ended with a Best New Hardware Finalist award.

If You’re Thinking “I don’t do lighting hardware,” the DID Series Will Make You Think Again

We get it. For too long lighting manufacturers have kept their products out of custom integrators’ wheelhouse with all their calibration and tuning possibilities. The sheer number of options and the time it’d take you to perfect your skills just didn’t seem worth it. Best to leave it to the lighting people, right? Wrong. Thanks to DMF putting custom integrators front and center when they created the DID Series downlighting system, you can feel confident adding lighting to your project quotes.

A Quick Overview of Why You’ll Love DMF’s DID Series

  • Installation requires no tools (unless you call a ladder a tool)
  • There isn’t any messy wiring to complicate things
  • You can make changes on the fly without throwing the project off course
  • Phenomenal lighting quality right out of the box
  • Even the packaging is minimal and simple to open
  • Easy upsell since DMF’s modular design is planned-obsolescence proof
  • The DID2 fixed downlight and the DID4 adjustable downlight have field changeable optics from 15 to 70+ degrees

More on Modular Design

DMF has a unique modular design for its DID Series. That means every part of the DID is interchangeable on your job site, during and after installation. The modular design allows homeowners to update their lighting to match future preferences, room design and retrofits, making the DID Series the last lights they’ll ever need to buy.

About DMF Lighting, the Modular Downlighting Leader

DMF is all about the philosophy that “light is more than illumination; it’s what makes a space beautiful, useful, and ultimately, livable.” Over the years, they’ve earned a reputation for designing and creating LED downlighting that is known in the industry for optimal performance and exceptional quality.

Though the DID Series is only available to custom integrators, make no mistake that their lighting products are designed for homeowners who want quality and longevity in return for their investment. Their quality comes from constantly refining and enhancing the products in their modular system. Their longevity is reflected in DMF extending their systems to meet homeowners’ needs for decades to come. And, most importantly, they’ve never forgotten who works with their lighting products day in and day out—custom integrators.

Rushi Kumar, DMF’s Vice President of Engineering, explains the DID Series best saying, “When we set out to develop the DID series, we put ourselves in the shoes of the high-end custom integrator, thinking about what’s most important to them and their customers. It all came down to delivering the highest performance, flexibility and peace of mind. With deep dimming down to 1%, tight beam control and the highest quality of light, performance is a no-brainer. But what really sets the product apart is the flexibility to deal with changing customer preferences. Whether it’s swapping the trim, the beam angle, color temperature, lumen output, the DID lets the custom integrator minimize their time on the job while maximizing their customers’ satisfaction.”

Buy the DID Series

DMF’s modular downlighting system is available in limited supply this winter. Who can help you get your hands on it? Us, of course.