For Your Customers Who Want to Automate EVERYTHING, We Bring You PowerShades

With technology advances in all things smart home and office automation, does it seem like your customers are contacting you to handle additional projects as more smart automation emerges?

Seems business and homeowners start by automating a thermostat or a music system and suddenly everything has to be automated down to the coffee pot. For those customers, Pioneer Music Company brings you PowerShades, a window treatment solution for interior and exterior projects.

Why do customers want automated window treatments anyway?

Some customers may ask you about automated window treatments like PowerShades. Others may not think to bring up the subject, but here are some scenarios where it makes sense to mention them:

  • There are already many other smart devices or automated tasks
  • The home or business has unreachable windows that require covering for reasons like daily sun, sun damage to furniture and accessories, etc. and light control
  • A theater room requires darkening
  • An outdoor area needs to be kept free of pests
  • The customer may be interested in energy savings up to 30%
  • The space would benefit from an instant privacy solution

Why is PowerShades worthy of your expert recommendation?

First of all, the company’s owners quit their Fortune 500 company jobs to enjoy the freedom of innovation, creating PowerShades. #respect

Automated window treatment-wise, PowerShades gives you the easiest quoting, ordering, shade configuration and shade control eco-system on the market. You can create your customer’s custom bid at true customer cost right on the spot, including shipping and taxes. And, you know that most customers are likely to say yes to a bid they don’t have time to stew over.

Ordering PowerShades is as simple as submitting the quote as an order on the company’s portal. In a flash, the window shades’ specs are sent to the production floor.

PowerShades are backed by a 5-year warranty on all electronics and outdoor hardware, plus a lifetime warranty on interior shade hardware.

There’s a power option for every type of space.

PoE: The first and only true PoE roller shade is PowerShades. Data and power are supplied through one CAT5 or CAT6 cable, needing no extra hardware.

Battery powered: This is a great option for retrofit jobs. The battery holds power for up to 650 cycles before recharging is necessary.

DC: This is the best option for new construction projects with traditional wiring.

AC: This is the optimal option for larger interior and most outdoor shades.

Solar: The eco-friendly choice, a solar panel installed and hidden behind the shade uses the sun to charge the battery powered shade.

But maybe you’re an AV person, not a window shade installer?

Not to worry! When your customer’s PowerShades arrive for install, they’re packaged together according to the room where they belong.

Each shade is marked with the room where it belongs, the direction it faces, its name, upper and lower limits, and a basic collection of scenes. You can set up the shades’ schedules and scenes through the PowerShades dashboard while they are still in production. So, when you plug them in, they automatically start following that sequence, no additional setup necessary.