Ring X

RING, RING! The Ring X is Calling

Homeowners are investing in doorbells and cameras from companies like Ring, sharing images and video with local police, and posting on social media with #ringvideodoorbellpro.

Ring, ring! Your customers are calling to ask you for your recommendations on home security devices and to install them. Here’s what you need to know about Ring X to answer their questions and increase your business.

What’s in the Ring X box?

First, let’s talk about that box. Sleek and glossy! Oooh, la la.

Inside the box, you’ll find the same Ring product that you’re already very familiar with installing. Nothing new there.

Fancy box. Same product. Better warranty. The Ring X extends the usual 1-year warranty to 3 years and includes a lifetime Ring Protect BASIC plan. Check out the table included at the end of this blog to see what’s included for free and with the BASIC and PLUS plans.

Why do I want to buy it?

Ring X is a protected product line made just for custom integrators, like you. That means higher margin and more money in your pocket.

With the 3-year warranty, your customers get peace of mind and you know our team here at PMC will take care of you if you receive a call that falls under the warranty category.

Your customers save $30 every year with the lifetime Ring Protect BASIC plan while still benefiting from 60 days of video history, video sharing, and screenshot capture.

I can sell that! Wait, what’s the fine print?

Additional Ring devices are not covered by the Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan or the 3-year limited warranty. The Ring X benefits only apply to X line devices you purchase.

The Ring X product line is designed for custom integrators to fit your customers’ homes and needs. As even more homeowners enter the surveillance age, this hot market isn’t going to cool off any time soon.


Ring X Basic and Plus Plan