Distanced Learning

You Don’t Need Forbes to Tell You That Remote Learning and Work Installs are Hot

Kramer Products Can Help You Capitalize on Commercial and Educational Opportunities

Forbes calls Kramer’s VIA, “One of the 5 new technologies you should integrate into your business.” But come on… unless you’ve been living under a socially-distanced rock, you already know that remote work and learning technology installation projects are hot. To grow your custom integration business, now’s the time to be the remote connection guru your business and educational setting customers need right now. You’re going to need to get to know about Kramer’s wireless presentation & collaboration solutions.

Kramer Products Have It Going on in Terms of Remote Work and Learning Technology

We’ll be hearing the buzz words: remote work and online learning for the distant future. In fact, are they even buzz words anymore? We digress…

To become a remote connection guru, you need to channel the benefits of using Kramer products. We’ll start with Kramer’s VIA Connect Plus.

The VIA Connect Plus is the video conferencing endpoint for meetings. An employee or teacher launches software, such as Zoom, BlueJeans or Teams on VIA, logs in and starts a meeting or class. Remote employees or students connect to the software.

An overview of VIA Connect Plus’s features:

  • Works with PC, Apple, Android, iOS and Chromebook
  • Features a simple user interface
  • VIA can be connected to any USB camera and/or microphone
  • Employees or teachers and students in a local room can present to VIA, and it will be shared with all remote participants
  • HDMI input on VIA can be passed through the software call as well, which enables the use of document cameras or other HDMI sources from a meeting room or classroom
  • Remote participants can see video, hear audio and see screen sharing from the office or classroom
  • Remote participants can use their own video, their own audio, or share their screen back to the office or classroom
  • VIA also can stream its output as an H264 stream over the local network for overflow offices or classrooms
  • And much, much more that you can learn about on our VIA Connect Plus product page

Use Kramer to Quickly and Painlessly Use Your Customers’ Existing AV Gear

Considering the urgency of connecting remotely to work or learn, your commercial and educational customers probably won’t be too hip on the idea of re-inventing the wheel or starting their platforms from scratch.

Kramer’s VIA Connect Plus makes it quick and painless to use existing A/V gear. This is as simple as adding a VIA Connect Plus inline between the AV gear and the display your customers are using currently. If they need cameras and microphones added, use a USB cable and insert the popular Yamaha Pro AV Soundbar with the camera and mic already built in.

For you visual learners, we designed a schematic that details the simplicity of setting up distance learning or work with VIA Connect Plus and existing AV components. Take a look at it.

How Does Kramer’s VIA Connect Plus Play into Building a System from Scratch or Upgrading One?

If your customer needs a remote connectivity system built from scratch or has one that requires updating, Kramer’s VIA Connect Plus has you covered. Kramer’s team designed the VIA Connect Plus to help you get a dual display going, add more inputs, create multiple views and add and expand AVoIP.

It’s easier to see how this works than explain it, so see how simple it is on this schematic.

This VIA Connect Plus Will Make Projects Waaaayyyy Easier. But, Wait… There’s More

Kramer has a full lineup of wireless presentation and collaboration tools for different needs and spaces of all sizes. Take a look at Kramer’s brochure to see all your options.

Finally, There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Our society is witnessing changes in the way we work and learn faster than expected thanks to the pandemic. Companies and educational Institutions are scrambling to figure out the best way to effectively upgrade their IT to accompany the remote needs of employees, teachers and students.

If you haven’t already, eventually you’re going to be asked if you install remote learning and work technology. Now’s the time to become an expert. Before you run off and tackle one of these, make sure you check out our list of questions to ask before any install. Knowing what to ask better prepares you for anything customers might need and will help you identify opportunities for upselling.