It’s Show & Sell Time

PMC’s New Program is a Cash Friendly Way to Get Your Hands on That Display

Surviving in the display business is a tough battle. Not only does it take good margin; it takes a way to promote and feature the high-end displays where the good margins exist. Challenge accepted.

PMC is working with Samsung and LG to tailor new display programs that help you tackle all your problems head on and come out ahead.

Why would we do that when integrators, like you, send their customers to big-box stores to ooh and aww over a demo? Because our job is to make you more profitable, and you’re missing a revenue opportunity by sending your customers elsewhere.

With our new display program, you can save 25% to 50% on the latest and greatest products to promote and feature right now. Details vary across manufacturer, and we’ll want you to call us ((913) 227-0471) to talk through those details. Outfit it with some of your favorite add-on technology, and see just how powerful a presentation can be, especially when you’re the one guiding it. Find your favorite add-on tech at

Meh. I don’t want to take a loss showing these products when it’s time to sell them.
We understand the quest for quality in this business, and we know how fast the industry’s and your customers’ measure of quality changes. Six months is all it takes for show & sell time, at which point the display program refreshes. Hopefully, most people change their tooth brush more often than that.

At the end the six-month program with the savings gained up front, you’ll be able to move the TV at a discount and STILL come out ahead. Not to mention, you’ve displayed the most-wanted technology at basically no cost to you. We suggest purchasing a comfortable couch, and maybe a popcorn machine. Your customers won’t want to leave.

Our new display program, a couch, a popcorn machine and your expert salesmanship—that’s how you survive and win in the display business.

Displays can break, you know? Then what?
There was a story in the media not long ago about a kid toppling over a piece of art. The parents were surprised to receive a bill for $132,000 for destroyed artwork. So, we’re glad you asked because accidents do happen, whether due to unattended kids or distracted customers focused on your demo.

We’ve got you covered (your displays that is). Don’t forget to insure all your video purchases with an insurance policy.