Whoa, You Can Get LG Products at PMC?

New year, new manufacturers and product lines at PMC. First up is LG. If the brand alone isn’t enough to excite you then how about this? You can get same- or next-day delivery on products from one of the most coveted and prestigious brands in the world – the brand and technology so many consumers are clamoring for.

Have a customer demanding an LG OLED TV? Bid it loud and proud. Not only will your order deliver fast, but also our support team and LG nerds are here to answer questions you have about the brand, product, installation, etc.

Wait One Second… How Are We Getting LG Products So Quickly
Let’s zoom in on LG’s go-to-market approach, which is brilliant in its simplicity. Our one-on-one relationship with LG means a slew of benefits for you. Like what you ask? Better pricing, inventory availability and faster deliveries… to name a few.

Our Knees are Still Weak From Witnessing New Technology at CES
At the Consumer Electronics Show, LG unveiled an OLED TV that rolls down into a sleek and stylish credenza. It’s not even available on the market, yet it already has 5-star reviews online. As of this post, pricing and other details have not yet been released.

Seriously, imagine grown adults oohing and ahhing at a TV screen appearing and disappearing right before their very eyes. And we’re not too proud to admit, we were amongst them.

Can’t Tell OLED From Your LED?
LG are recognized experts in the OLED market. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode. OLEDs are so small they can be used as individual pixels that independently light up and shut off – like fireflies. This results in the deepest black levels ever viewed on a display, the fastest response time and the broadest viewing angles. Low power consumption is icing on the cake.

Don’t Other LG Products Deserve Some Love, Too?
You’re right. It shouldn’t be all about the infamous televisions… as much as it pains up to say that. So, let’s throw in a plug for LG Monitors, which we’ll carry also.

  • 21:9 UltraWide
  • UltraFine™
  • 4K / 5K monitors
  • Gaming monitors
  • IPS monitors
  • LED monitors

And, while we have your attention, there are these nifty little LG Pocket Photo Snap Instant Cameras that are just as fun as the old Polaroid Instamatics from back in the day. Oh, and they automatically save photos to your phone because it’s 2019 now.