If Chuck Norris Was Tactical Fiber, He’d Be TechLogix Fiber

When it comes to military-grade tactical fiber, you’re on a need-to-know basis. And, you need to know about TechLogix fiber. It’s their top-selling cable for a reason – it’s the bad a** of its class and we’ve got it right here. No code word necessary for purchase.

When You’re Eye to Eye with a Tough Project…
TechLogix tactical fiber is an unstoppable force that can take a beating from the roughest elements, and win in the end.

It laughs in the face of (well… it’s resistant to):

  • Damaging UV rays bouncing around the universe
  • Water
  • Crushing with your bare hands
  • Trampling under boots
  • Tears, cuts and punctures from weapons (or tools)
  • Salts, chemicals and corrosive materials any enemy unleashes

This multi-purpose fiber withstands whatever you throw at it.

Commercial & Residential
Pull out this bad boy for prewires and rough-ins. It’s protective armoring and water and UV resistance won’t let you down above or underground. 

Short-Term or Mobile Broadcast, Production and Rental/Staging Set Ups
It’s so durable, this fiber basically dares you to unspool and re-spool it… over and over again.

Buy TechLogix Fiber Premade

“Premade cables built with tactical fiber come out of the gate with a water-resistant outer jacket, spring tube braiding, treated Kevlar yarn, stainless steel armor, and bend-insensitive fiber. Since the cables are factory terminated, premade cables usually come with fully-capped pull mesh to offer protection for the connectors and a 130 lb. short term pull-rating.  

Buy It in Bulk

Bulk cables are built with Cleerline SSF™ technology. Yeah? So? Well, that means they’re much stronger than premades or traditional fiber cables.

How much stronger? Not to brag, but it’s 10,000x more durable than traditional fiber, 10x more pliable, and has nearly twice the pull rating. You’ll give up the premade’s spring tube braiding and armoring so you can effectively terminate it in the field.  

Black as Night
Your customers and competitors will never see TechLogix fiber coming. It’s black as night, unlike those other pansy fibers that come in aqua and yellow pastels, which are perfect for a little girl’s church clothes, but not for your projects.

Get your premade and bulk TechLogix military-grade tactical fiber at PMC, along with cable reels, outdoor termination hubs and other accessories.

Mind Racing with All the Possibilities?
We understand. If you need more information, pricing or help with cable design, let us know. No secret password required. You know where to find us.